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We’re not your average bank. The Community Savings Wholesale Lending Team provides access to our Non-QM lending programs for your non-traditional wage earners and/or non-agency qualifying borrowers, including our sought-after ITIN loan programs up to 85% LTV.

The secret to our success is in our experienced Non-QM wholesale lending team and our highly efficient process. We excel at deal structuring and underwriting by looking at your borrower’s non-traditional credit profiles differently. When other lenders say, “No,” we say, “Yes.”


The Community Savings Advantage. Urgency, empathy, and clarity from all Community Savings Team Members. Closing with confidence – we’re consistent and motivated to get your loans to closing fast. Access to decision-makers at all levels. We’ve cut out the “middle-man” to get you answers you need quickly. Accountability – We communicate effectively every step of the way, especially when it matters most. Competitive rates paired with service that provides even greater value. A common-sense approach to underwriting that looks into a borrower’s full story when needed. Flexible qualifying guidelines compared to other lenders. Ready to boost your pipeline today? Become an approved broker or call us and learn more about our loan programs.

Non-QM Loan Programs Overview

Showcasing our deal-saving loan programs.

Community ITIN. No SSN? No problem. Borrowers can use their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) if they work and file taxes in the U.S.Program highlights: Up to 85% LTV allowed. Loan amounts to $1 million. Minimum FICO 660. 1-Year income history with 2-year work history. Purchase or refinance. P&L options available. Asset seasoning - 30 days. Non-Warrantable condos accepted. First-time homebuyers are eligible. Download Full Guidelines.
Community Alt-Doc. A flexible solution for borrowers who have non-traditional income or don’t receive W2s and who need a quick solution. Program highlights: Loan amounts up to $2.5 million. Minimum FICO 660 up to 80% LTV. Personal and bank business statements qualifying income is acceptable. First time home buyers are eligible. 12 or 24 Month CPA letter accepted. Minimum 30-day asset seasoning required. Community Alt-Doc (Investment).

Homeownership Counseling

Affordable classes with an easy process for your borrowers.

Classes are offered by select vendors. Fees begin at $75.

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