MyChoice Club Accounts

Are you looking for an easy way to plan ahead and cover the costs of holiday shopping or that perfect vacation? Community Savings has just the thing: Our MyChoice Club Accounts!

Our innovative approach to savings offers two separate accounts allowing you to manage your largest yearly expenses with ease. No matter what you’re saving for, our MyChoice Club Accounts are designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind – making it a cinch to put away those extra dollars.

The Christmas Club Account simplifies the ever-daunting task of preparing for the gifting season. Through automated payments, it ensures that all your holiday spending is taken care of when the time comes – and with no stress on your part! On the flip side, our Vacation Club Account is perfect if taking some time off during warm months is more your style. Start stashing away cash whenever you can, and by April, we’ll have all your payments ready, so you can enjoy an amazing trip worry-free.

If two fantastic accounts aren’t enough to get you excited about planning ahead, think about how nice it will be when both checks arrive – Christmas prep handled for one year and a great vacation behind you – all without feeling like money was flying out of your wallet! And don’t forget that help is at hand from our friendly team to guide you with the current savings schedules.

So why wait any longer? Get started today on a smart path towards planning for bigger expenses in life – with Community Savings MyChoice Club Accounts.

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