Digital Wallet

Convenient Ways to Pays

Digital Wallets grant you convenient & secure access to your funds.  Add your Community Savings debit card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to make contactless payments on the go. Ready to get started? Click on your preferred option below and follow the prompts. You’ll need your physical card on hand to type in the card details.

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Google Pay™

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Samsung Pay

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Apple Pay®


Forgot your wallet? Not a problem!  You won’t need your debit card or cash when you shop card-free with your Digital Wallet.  All it takes is a tap to pay.

Pay with a Tap

It’s easy to make a payment with your Digital Wallet.  Simply tap anywhere you see the contactless logo.  Contactless Payment Icon

  • Open your Digital Wallet on your cellphone or smartwatch.
  • Position your phone or smartwatch close to the reader.
  • Tap, pay, and you’re set!

Digital Wallet Security

Your Digital Wallet is a secure way to pay thanks to encryption that keeps your card number safe from fraud or theft.  It’s one of the most secure ways to pay!