My Choice Certificates of Deposit

Take control on your future, choose how you save. 

MyChoice CDs provide the flexibility and convenience you've come to expect from Community Savings.  We can tailor any MyChoice CD to the way you live with high interest rates, the option to select compounding interest or a monthly check, and terms from three months to five years.  With minimum opening balances as low as $500, now is the time to start saving. Take a look at our CD rates and let us help you select the best products to reach your personal savings goals.

Did you know...

You should ladder your CDs by maturity.  By laddering (buying a blend of short, mid- & long-term CDs) you will maximize your earnings. CDs typically offer the best rates for longer terms. With laddering, you will have funds maturing on a regular basis, and when a CD matures you can reinvest your money at the longer (better paying) terms. This is just one more way Community Savings helps you save more. 

For more information and details on our CD options, contact us, or call Kayla Depuy at 740-732-5678.