Secure Your Windows Devices

This only provides instructions on Windows updates on Windows computers.
Your computer will have other programs that you need to set up for automatic updates such as Adobe, Java, and other browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla. You will also need to investigate your tablet and phone to learn how to protect it.


Backup Your Device

You need to plan ahead so that you can recover form attacks. Many attacks like ransomware ruin, corrupt, or lock the data on your computer. You can combat that by regularly taking backups of your machine. Use an external hard drive and/or a secure cloud service to do perform your backups. Many of these solutions require very little technical skill to use, but can save your important data.


Home Router

Take the time to understand your home router and use its firewall or security capabilities.


More from Microsoft

Please go to this page and read more tips guidance from Microsoft. 

Protect my PC from Viruses
Protect my PC from Ransomware


Additional Resource

Online Safety Basics

** Windows XP and Windows Vista (as of 4/11/2017) are no longer updated by Microsoft. Consider upgrading to Windows 10.

*** We are providing these instructions as a courtesy only. We cannot and will not provide any support beyond providing these written instructions. Do not call for technical support.