Approved CS Methods of Contact


For support call (740) 732-5678

Text From CS

CS will never text you directly. Approved texts are discussed below.

Debit Card Texts

You do not have to opt-in for the texts. Vantiv will enroll you.
For support call (740) 732-5678


Push Notifications

MobiMoney App – Debit Card

  • You can set up Debit Card Alerts through MobiMoney powered by Vantiv, which is downloadable through Google Play Store or Apple.
  • MobiMoney Android and iTunes download info.
  • See alert sample below.

MobiMoney alert sample


Automated Calls

CS will never ask you to enter or give account information to an automated phone system outside of telephone banking.

  • You should always be suspicious of requests for personal banking information.

Debit Card Calls

  • CS does automated calling related to debit card transactions which originate from Vantiv.
  • The calls originate from (800) 889-5280 or (800) 927-0395 and are from live operators.
  • What are those calls like?



Online Banking Email

  • CS will not email you form your online banking product. When in doubt call us.

eStatement Email

  • Community Savings does not offer eStatements yet.

Credit Card Email

  • CS will not email you about credit cards. We do not offer credit cards.

Mortgage Application Email

  • If you filled out a mortgage application on our website you will receive an email from us.

The email from address will look like this and be sent to the email you provided in your application.

Then you will be contacted by one of our loan officers by phone. The call will originate from (740) 732-5678.

When in doubt call our Main Office at (740) 732-5678.


Direct Human Call

  • CS may call you individually from approved numbers, but if you were not expecting the call, you should always call back a known number, which is listed below.

  • Calls from CS will originate from these numbers, and you should call these numbers to verify identity or suspicious activity.

Caldwell Main Office at (740) 732-5678.

If you filled out a mortgage application, you may receive a call from a loan officer from a number listed above.

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