Customer Security & Education

Combat Scams and Fraud - Protect your identity and accounts.

  • Do not click suspicious links or open unexpected attachments or texts.
    Be aware of Phishing emails and SMiShing texts.
  • Do not provide account info to links in emails or texts.
  • Do not provide account information over the phone to live or automated systems other than CS Phone banking at:

Toll-Free: (888) 833-5586
Caldwell: (740) 737-5678

  • Always verify the identity of the person on the phone by calling back a known number, which is listed¬†under Approved CS Methods of Contact.
  • Do not use unknown or unsafe devices to access your account. This includes cell phones, tablets or computers.
  • Only use phones, tablets, and computer with the latest software and security patches.

Use auto-update for all programs to receive the latest security patches. See Securing Your Device.
Windows XP and Windows Vista (as of 4/11/2017) are no longer updated by Microsoft. Consider upgrading to Windows 10.
Use anti-virus software and keep it updated. See Securing Your Device.
Keep your browser updated. See Securing Your Device.
We are providing these instructions as a courtesy only. We cannot and will not provide any support beyond providing these written instructions. Do not call for technical support.

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