A message from the President

I will readily admit that I am no historian.  One bit of history I do know is that in 1885, six fine men founded our company with the purpose of helping their friends and neighbors in this community.  My job, every day, is to make certain that continues.

I love knowing how we have helped so many families and small businesses grow over the years.  Maybe it was that first little savings account that helped a young man proudly buy his first car.  Maybe it was the loan we gave his mom and dad that helped build the house in which he grew up. 

There are so many ways Community Savings helps our community.  Not just the products and advice we offer to help manage your finances, but all of the other, mostly unsung things we do.  Picking up litter, selling popcorn at festivals, brightening up parades, supporting our schools, and giving to those who need it most; just a hint of what our people do. 

It is a great thing, to be a part of a community bank, in a community filled with people that share that same charitable community spirit.  Thank you all for all that you do.  And thank you all for being a part of Community Savings.

Truly yours,

President Barry Parmiter